Core Team


Travis Hildreth

Founder, Executive Director

Travis "T-rav" Hildreth founded the organization with his childhood friend Shay. After learning about the positive effects the salt air had on CF patients, he was able to combine two passions in his life, surfing and CF,  into one mission.

Eric Townsend

Media Director

Eric Townsend attended both "Adopt-a-Highway" and the CF 5k Walk before joining the team as Media Director. Through mutual friend, Travis Hildreth, he was intrigued by the nature and purpose of the organization and inquired about how he could help out more. With his interest in photography, he brings his skills over to capture all of the memorable moments that happen during 3rd Street Society events.

Bethany Hair

Community Outreach Manager  (South West)

Bethany "Red" Hair has a personal 3-point connection to the CF world. She has had both family and friends with CF and was excited to take the mission of The 3rd Street Society to new heights.  Based in San Antonio, TX, Bethany is able to participate in various fundraisers and events sponsored by the Lone Star Chapter of the CF Foundation. Bethany plays a critical role in spreading CF awareness and making sure The 3rd Street Society has a voice in the SW region!

Rob Moore

Sr. Surf Instructor

Robert “Moe” Moore a.k.a “Baywatch Bob” first started surfing in the ‘80s . He is a soul surfer who believes that, “Something magical happens in the water, a moment when a person’s eyes light up and they smile,you see it in their face and feel it,  everything changes. I love being a part of that and sharing it with this community”.

Trevor Overfelt

Lead Technical Designer

Trevor "Trevorford" Overfelt was given an opportunity to volunteer for "Adopt-a-Highway" cleanup on behalf of the nonprofit when the opportunity was presented by his coworker, Travis Hildreth. Having witnessed the effects of the disease in his own life, he became interested in more volunteer work for the cause, and using his background in Digital Production Arts, was able to do work for the organization as the lead technical designer.

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